Motor Finance Resurgence

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The UK Motor Finance market is enjoying a huge resurgence, with new entrants a plenty, and volumes of business on the increase for all, but how do you ensure that your business takes full advantage? How can you attract and retain the leading TALENT in order to keep you at the top of the market? […]

Do you want to come to mine for tea?

We have been delivering some training courses recently based upon identifying and developing a strong company culture. It’s been really interesting, and has helped us to start the process of launching a new division for our business, so watch this space for news about Adam Butler Training Academy! However, back to the main subject, there […]

What’s Your Inside Leg Measurement?


What’s your inside leg measurement? OK, so I don’t really need to know the answer to that question, and I accept that you might be wondering what I am going on about, so let me explain. As we fast approach the 10 year anniversary for our recruitment business, and having just celebrated a record quarter […]

7 Top Tips for Strategically Recruiting Superstars

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Here are 7 top tips for strategically recruiting superstars; it’s the magic formula to hire and retain the very best people. So, start earning some return on your investment. There’s a widely reported productivity crisis in the UK, so without a strong HR team behind you, how do you employ the right talent for your […]

Agencies vs. In-House Recruitment

It’s a big decision so what are the key aspects to consider before dealing with your recruitment In-House. Building an in-house recruitment strategy is definitely worth considering as a way of addressing high recruitment costs, but is doing it alone always the best way? Share the load Even the best in-house recruiters don’t do everything. […]