2015: A Year In Review

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2015 was a busy year for Adam Butler Consultancy and Easy Online Recruitment and was, in fact, our best year yet! I undertook a review of the year to determine the top 5 roles we were asked to work on and successfully fill during 2015.

Top spot went to Business Development and Sales Personnel with many businesses looking for support with direct sales and this demonstrates great confidence in the growth plans of UK businesses with 2016 looking set to continue in the same vein. Administration and Business Support came in second with businesses looking for the right support staff to ensure sales are processed and serviced correctly.

The Accountancy & Finance sector came in in third spot with Marketing coming in close behind with clients looking in particular for candidates with digital marketing skills. Direct Response Marketing was the theme for 2015 as opposed to Brand Marketing. Marketing skills are needed that can generate quick sales and prospects, rather than simply brand exposure.

Fifth place went to the IT sector with seriously technical skills remaining the most challenging of roles to fill including coders and app developers.

No single industry dominated the client base of Easy Online Recruitment but the 25-250 employee size employer has been the one we have worked with most often this year. With regard to Adam Butler Consultancy the motor finance sector has remained our niche client.

To read the full blog into our 2015 review please click here.

Thanks you for your support in 2015. If you are looking for assistance in making 2016 your own best year ever, whether in your career search or hunt for talent, then please get in touch with one of our team here.


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