Agencies vs. In-House Recruitment



It’s a big decision so what are the key aspects to consider before dealing with your recruitment In-House.

Building an in-house recruitment strategy is definitely worth considering as a way of addressing high recruitment costs, but is doing it alone always the best way?

Share the load

Even the best in-house recruiters don’t do everything. They work with the right people and delegate to the right suppliers.

With recruiters needing skills in copywriting, SEO optimisation, screening, candidate engagement and much more, identifying strengths and weaknesses is essential for any in-house recruiter to aid with decisions on what they need to successfully run a smooth recruitment process.

By addressing each element of the process as a separate task you can easily identify if there are some tasks such as recruitment advertising or CV filtering which could be better handled by working in partnership with a recruitment agency.

How far can you reach?

By handling all recruitment internally you potentially run the risk of struggling with your reach. Whilst the reach of an experienced recruitment agency is likely to be vast; combine this with their existing talent pool and much can be said for partnering with selective recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agencies can also act as an unbiased middle man, who can discreetly reach out to employees at competitor companies.

Knowing the niche

What happens when your in-house recruitment team are tasked with filling a particularly niche role. The case in favour of using recruitment agencies for these hard to fill roles is a strong one. A long-standing recruitment agency is likely to have experience across a vast number of niche roles and may even have specialised Account Managers.

If filling your niche roles is a day-in day-out task for an agency, whilst being a daunting unknown territory for your internal team, handing these roles to an agency is an obvious choice.

Protecting your employer brand

A popular reason for bringing recruitment in-house is to build and strengthen your organisation’s employer brand.

But, managing the full process of candidate engagement is a complex task. In an ideal world your internal recruitment process will ensure that your candidates are provided with rapid feedback, are kept updated at all stages and are never left feeling any disappointment towards your brand.

Achieving this is something that can easily become highly time-consuming. Again, this is an occasion where partnering with an external agency can be a huge help for your internal recruitment team.

Recruitment agencies can act as an intermediary, keeping candidates engaged and dealing with difficult offer management negotiations. They can deliver a smooth and successful conclusion and deflect any negativity towards your employer brand. Its not always a bad idea to partner with an expert who has experience in dealing with problem situations and problem candidates.


By working with a recruitment agency that provides tailored solutions, the task of managing recruitment internally can be far easier to achieve. Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your existing process and build a direct hiring model from scratch or you’re seeking for ways to improve your internal set up, considering specific services from recruitment agencies has many positives.