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Assessment Centre Design & Facilitation

Following a round of interviews have you ever been left unsure about just how good the candidates were? You’re not alone!

According to research by SHL and the Future Foundation, over £2 Billion is wasted every year by UK businesses who have made hiring errors.

The cost of getting it wrong goes way beyond the agency fee and employee salary, and can impact your existing team and client base, leading to much deeper routed problems.

One of the biggest problems is that candidates can often be much better at interview than  actually at doing the job. Arguably a bigger problem is that the candidates that could do an AMAZING job for you are unfortunately not great at interviews, or don’t have the chance to get their skills and experience across.

Some of the benefits of an Assessment Centre:

  • See all candidates in one place at one time allowing you to get most of the work done in just one day rather than a series of interviews over a week
  • Present your business to all the candidates at the same time, opening up a Q&A session, put simply you won’t have to repeat yourself over and over again!
  • Test candidates (through any of the exercises we will design and run for you) for specific competencies and attitudes. In the “Apprentice” Lord Sugar doesn’t start by asking questions, instead he sets tasks and observes the results. We can do the same for you.
  • See every candidate for a longer period of time exposing their true attitudes and abilities. This is much better than the traditional 2 stage interview process across a desk with no really understanding for “who” your prospective employee is!

Here’s what a recent client said about our service.

“Adam and his team provided my client with a world class solution to our recent recruitment requirement. The Assessment Centre was expertly designed and run, and it allowed us to observe the true skills of the candidates in a live environment, as well as showcasing their ability to fit with our Culture & Values”

Bob Kneale, Executive Coach & Business Mentor

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