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Adam Butler | Hiring A Superstar

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The much awaited “Hiring a Superstar: The Ultimate Talent Finder Toolkit,” is now available, click either button below to go straight to Amazon and get your copy delivered to your door or your kindle!

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A must-read for anyone interested in finding the best possible workforce to grow their business and make a difference.

“Hiring A Superstar” is a comprehensive guide into the strategies of the executive search professional that can be easily adopted by you and your business. Filled with the best advice and all the practical solutions that will enable you to lower hiring costs and improve hiring time while only recruiting the best and most talented “Superstars” in your industry.

Adam Butler’s career expertise and personable writing style combine impeccably to provide easy to read account of the most up to date techniques and advice that that will prove invaluable for talent sourcing in your business.

The book offers both, immediately digestible chunks, and timely lessons for progressive companies that are looking to hire the best and expediently boost their bottom line.

What people have to say

Nigel Botterill, Founder of the Entrepreneurs Circle

“Adam has become my go-to-guy for finding and keeping genuine talent for my business. His book is a really valuable source of knowledge and practical techniques for anyone serious about growing their business and achieving super success.”


“I’m really proud to have finally put all my years of knowledge, learning and expertise onto paper. It’s my passion, and my firm belief, that any business can and will achieve phenomenal success by building a team of high performing “Superstars” around them. Finding these “Superstars” for businesses is what makes me tick. It’s what makes me leap out of bed every morning on my mission to make a massive positive difference to my clients and the wider UK business community as a whole.” Adam Butler