Our Own Culture & Values

In 2006 I set up ABC with a firm belief that the recruitment and retention of A-Players was critical to the success of any organisation, and that I could build my own business by providing innovative, process driven executive search and recruitment solutions with world class service.

Over the years we have developed our own unique culture based on some fundamental values that I personally hold very dear.

We have also been lucky enough to run workshops for many clients helping them to identify and understand their own CULTURE and then develop and integrate a WORLD CLASS COMPANY CULTURE by design rather than by accident. If you’d like any information then please get in touch.

Our CORE Values

The VALUES we hold dear and live and breathe every day at Adam Butler Consultancy are:

1. Customer and Candidate FIRST!

This is the most important thing for us. Putting the needs of our customers and candidates ahead of everything is our beating heart and guides the decisions we make every day.


2. We are a TEAM

We work hard towards shared goals with shared beliefs. We support and care about the welfare of one another. We work hard to fulfill the needs of our clients and we celebrate our success together. If things don’t go our way we buckle down as a group and put in the extra effort to achieve our goals. We will go further together than alone.


3. Unleash your Potential

We believe that everyone has unlimited and often untapped potential within them. Our goal is to help you UNLEASH your true POTENTIAL so that you can make a huge positive difference, achieving your goals and living your dreams.


4. Believe in People – INSPIRE and be INSPIRED

We believe in people and their exceptional talents. This is a huge part of what INSPIRES us everyday.  Our expertise is in understanding and caring about our client and candidates expertise and aspirations. We listen, learn, respect and build relationships with people, building positive connections everywhere we go and with whomever we meet.  We believe that being respectful to clients, candidates and each other builds a happy, positive and productive work place.


5. Be Entrepreneurial

Creative thinking is the key to problem solving, and we are empowered to be creative and entrepreneurial. This means as a company we will go under, over, or through the problem in order to reach the best solution possible. Whether that’s for our own business or for a client’s business. We like to think outside the box and don’t be surprised if we challenge the status quo.


6. Be BRAVE, Have FUN

We are recruitment professionals and we take our work incredibly seriously. Sometimes we have to reach outside of our comfort zones, so we are BRAVE everyday. The great news is that there are no rules against having fun. We LOVE building meaningful relationships with each other, our candidates and our clients. Having fun is important and it means that we’re attracting the positive people to join our teams as well as the teams of our amazing clients.


7. Be YOU!

You are AMAZING, there is only one YOU and there will never be another quite like you. You are a perfect individual and you can achieve anything you set your heart on. You can make a HUGE POSITIVE DIFFERENCE. Think Big. Have a plan. Take massive action. Dream. Be Relentless. Build your community. Always be true to yourself and your values.

Always remember that Today, NOW, this very second is your opportunity, and never be afraid to be YOURSELF and stand up for what you believe in!

Initial Conversation

We take the time to really get to know what it’s like to work in your company. That information gathering starts by finding out about your company’s vision and values.

We’ll conduct a recruitment audit of what’s working well and what’s not. Ask you questions about which processes and steps frustrate you. We’ll look at whether you need to consider new technology, additional suppliers or extra training and development. It’s the bigger picture stuff that we’re interested in, so that you can look at the right people and right talent for your business and align them with your internal culture.

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If you would like to book a consultation, get further information or ask us about our services, please contact us:

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