PART 2 – Children’s Toys, Pizza… and WORLD DOMINATION for your business?

I mentioned to you in my last blog that I’d seen 2 great documentaries recently, and we looked at Domino’s and how they have created a unique CULTURE in their business.

The LEGO documentary focussed heavily on the CULTURE building element of their business model also, as well as the shroud of secrecy that surrounds new product development in their business.

The show, which aired on Channel 4 on Sunday 14th June 2015 at 8pm (and is most likely still available on 4oD), followed a number of people who were either employees of the Lego brand, wannabe Employees, or those who were passionate about the brand and seeking ways to work with them.

As a child from about the age of 6 I loved Lego, legosand built many models that still reside in my parents attic. My kids still play with the very same bricks, and for me this is one of the beauties of Lego… its endless creative possibilities and timeless qualities.

Aside from the “love of the brick” however there were 2 stand out moments in the programme for me.

First was a scene where a 20 something was seen in his home somewhere in middle England, receiving a call from Lego HQ in Denmark to say that he had been successful in his job application and interviews, and that they were offering him a job at their offices.

(The recruitment process itself was also fascinating. Less of an interview and more of a “what can you build with this lego?” approach. Something we advocate here in my business when encouraging clients to hold Assessment Centres rather than simple across the desk sessions. We can help you with design and facilitation of such sessions, more info here )

The joy and wonderment on his face was inspiring to see. His dream had become a reality, and he was going to do the thing he loved, most likely for the rest of his life… designing new Lego sets!

For me, giving a candidate the news that they have been successful has always been the greatest pleasure in running a recruitment business, especially when it’s a job they so desperately want.

How do people feel when you invite them to join your work “family?” How could you deliver the “Lego” fan experience to your employees and find people passionate about what they do for you?

The second part of the documentary that resounded for me was when the CEO Jorgen Vig Knudstorp (or “JVK” as he is known more widely) spoke at the opening of new London offices.

JVK spoke passionately about the FOUNDING VALUES of their FAMILY business saying “This whole philosophy of Lego as a way of learning structure but also highly creative thinking is something I deeply believe. I haven’t invented it but it’s as if I have!”

I love that passion for the brand that you work in and especially when it permeates from the LEADERSHIP all the way from the very top of the organisations. It’s something I always encourage our clients to adopt in their own recruitment strategies, recruiting against VALUES and CULTURE fit first ahead of simply skills.

The Lego business is family owned with people almost self-selecting into the Culture and DNA, people want to work for a greater purpose than simple “making money”.

A lady interviewed at the end of that section, who was herself an employee of Lego said she had visited their company offices across the globe and found the “same feeling from people everywhere, it’s the Lego DNA”

So in summary from both these documentaries I think it is crucial if you are building a business that you want to become world class that you select people who believe what you believe and have a purpose that matches that of your organisation and culture.

Get this right and world domination (if that’s your bag, block, or pizza) is sure to follow.

If you’d like help identifying and building your company culture or employer branding then reach out and get in touch, we have a number of solutions and ideas that could help.

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