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Lockdown is coming to an end. Very soon people will be starting to get the world moving again and even though it may be a very different place than it was before I really believe that there is a massive opportunity to capitalise within any industry and implement your plan to achieve whatever you want before the end of 2020.

I’m looking for a handful of switched on business owners who want to build their revenues and profits and grow their business in the new economy, and who can help one another over 90 days to make things happen!

Remember the end of 2019? Everyone was talking about 2020 Vision and we were all getting dizzy about the excitement and opportunity that a new year holds.

And then, apparently, someone did something with bats at a wet market in China and the whole world quickly crumbled beneath our feet!!

Well I think the world is starting to creak back into motion again now, momentum will gather quickly, and one thing I know for sure is that YOU don’t want to miss the starting gun and get left behind!

The landscape may have changed but there is definitely opportunity out there for those of us that can grasp it.

One thing I know for sure is that gaining 2020 vision and seeing all that opportunity will be MUCH more achievable (one might even say easier and more enjoyable!) if you are surrounding yourself with a smart group of like-minded people all focused on helping one another to achieve their goals.

That’s why I’m launching REBOOT 2020.


Imagine it just like your computer was running slow, with too many apps running at the same time, and it ground to a halt when infected with a virus (it’s a damned good analogy isn’t it!)… but you had the common sense to shut it down (LOCKDOWN… this analogy gets better and better), upgrade the operating system, and REBOOT!

When it comes back to life it’s faster than ever and opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

Well that’s exactly what we will be doing together in REBOOT 2020!

So What’s Involved?

Well it’s a 90 Day programme. That much is self-explanatory. Starts on Day 1… you can work out when it ends.

Kicking Things Off

You and I will have a 1-2-1 session for a couple of hours. We’ll chat through where you are at now and where you would like to realistically get to at the end of 90 days… don’t worry though I’ll make sure it’s ambitious enough and achievable enough to be exciting.

I’ll document the chat and send you a summary of what we have said.

(We’ll do most of it on Zoom of course… what else? I promise not to have any crappy virtual backgrounds that let’s be honest became unfunny after day 3 of lockdown).

K.O.T – Keep on Track

We’ll then have a call soon after that to decide on first actions, and then have fortnightly 1-2-1 calls to check in, see what went well, see what didn’t, and decide on next steps. I’ll be there to help in any way I can and also to give you a size 9 up the rear if you’ve been procrastinating or allowing other stuff to slow your progress down!

You may need some help in between our scheduled calls, and that’s cool with me, I’m here for you, and you’ll have my private email and phone number, hey I’d even leave a key under the mat outside my front door for you if it was safe for you to travel and for us to be within 2 metres of one another!

But not just that…

Private Groups

You’ll be invited in to be a part of our secret and private REBOOT 2020 group on Facebook where you can ask anything and know that it’s all super confidential, amongst friends, and get instant feedback! Everyone will know your goal and everyone will be working hard to help one another succeed!

There will be a WhatsApp group too. It may be that all the action happens in FB, or maybe WA, whatever happens you’ll have the “Hive Brain” available to you pretty much 24-7/90.

Mini-Mastermind (I was thinking of calling in MiniMind, but well ... you know)

I’ve been a part of a few MM groups in the past. Some good, some “not so much”. I know for a fact what works and what doesn’t and this one will be facilitated properly and efficiently to ensure you get max value.

We’ll have these once a month and they will last for a couple of hours.

All valuable time spent working ON your 90 days goals, and focused on getting exactly what you want by the end of it!

'Crack a Can' or 'Pop the Cork' POETS Friday Bar (P**s Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday)

Every Friday afternoon we’ll get together (if you want to) and have a 45 min social. Let off some steam, have drink and kick back, ask a burning question, just sit back and watch, it’s up to you!

How Much?

Yes. There is a cost involved. It’s paltry compared to the value you’ll get out of being involved. In fact it’s such good value I’m probably making a mistake… if I was advising me I’d tell me to at least triple it…. but you know what it’s like… Cobblers Shoes and all that.

It’s £399+VAT per month for 3 months

OR £999+VAT upfront.

Pretty simple really. I like simple, it gets results. And I hope this is a no brainer for you as I’d love to help you REBOOT 2020 and get some amazing results over the next 90 days!

What Next?

Just get in touch with me to let me know ... Call me or text 07980 300 067 or DM me on FB/LinkedIn:

YES – ????  –“I’m interested, let’s talk” 

NFMFN (Not For Me For Now) – ????  – I’d like to keep in touch and hear how it’s going but NOW is not the right time for me 

NO – ????  – Thanks for writing to me, it’s not for me now and probably never will be, but good luck it sounds great! :-}


Why you Ad?

Good question, and I don’t blame you for asking…

As Liam Neeson famously said – “I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career”. For over 15 years now I’ve worked with UK businesses across all sorts of markets, from banking to retail, hospitality to IT, manufacturing to engineering. I’ve got experience working with businesses of every size, from big FTSE 100 companies like HSBC and Lloyds to one-man bands fitting shutters and blinds in people’s home, and everything in between.

Whenever I’m working with a business it’s at the top level – with owners or board directors, talking about much more than recruitment. I’ve got experience in company culture, HR strategy, sales and marketing, business planning, mindset and much more.

Very few businesses build the sort of relationships and understanding with their clients as a high level recruiter.

In addition to my own experiences, building a business and working with my clients, I launched the “Not! Another Business Group” on Facebook a while back, and that’s a fantastic, supportive group, now with around 400 members.

I’ve put some live events on for that group – because I enjoy running them – and we’ve had a diverse range of businesses come along, from Fire and Security to Virtual PA, to marketing specialists, and so on.

I’ve won awards, I launched a local business support group, which I’m still proud to be involved in, running four events each year, I’m on a panel with Cheshire Constabulary as a representative for their Diversity, Inclusion and Equality.

I am a founding board member of Deeside Business Forum. A forum for local businesses in North Wales connecting them to access to finance, local authority, business development and networking opportunities etc.

Adam-Butler-Ginger-Pixie-Photography (11 of 17)

I have supported and mentored a number of start ups through this through and the Deeside Business Forum, and I’m regularly on the phone giving time and informal, unstructured support to my business owner friends and members of the N!ABG group.

I do the mentoring and coaching because I enjoy it, but I’ve realised recently that people like you may need some help to kickstart the burners and REBOOT 2020.

I’ve invested an enormous amount of time, money and energy into my own personal development, some through paid for coaching and lots more through courses. Through all of this I have been able to crystalize EXACTLY what world class support looks like for someone like me… and ultimately someone like you.

I know that you probably have all the answers within you, and working closely one to one, and with the support of a powerful team of like minded individuals, we can unlock those answers and get you implementing an action plan quickly and effectively.

This lockdown has given us all a chance to take stock, to press pause and work out what we want to be doing when the music comes back on.

I know lots of business owners who’ve suddenly got huge opportunities to reinvent their businesses, to steal customers away from competitors, to do things differently to how they’ve been done.

Those people need support, and I’ve got the experience to provide it. That’s why now is the perfect time to get started.

Last but not least, if you’ve ever seen me you’ll know that I’m a bit like little bears porridge… not too old and not too young. There is enough white in my beard to tell you that I’ve been around a bit, and nuclear fission in my belly to fire up both myself and you to achieve some amazing things together.

I can’t wait to get started.

Let me know what you think…


Call me or text 07980 300 067 or DM me on FB/LinkedIn:


Here’s the investment detail again:

It’s £399+VAT per month for 3 months

OR £999+VAT upfront

Here’s what you be getting when you REBOOT 2020:

  • Kick Off “REBOOT” Session 121 avec moi
  • Keeping On Track sessions – every 2 weeks
  • Private Groups on FB and WhatsApp
  • Mini-Mastermind – Access to the Hive Mind
  • POETS Friday Bar

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