Should My Recruiter Have Industry Knowledge?

industry knowledge

One of the reservations that we regularly come across when speaking with potential clients is that we may not have specific industry knowledge for their business or the role that we want to assist them with.

Our response to this is always that we pride ourselves in taking the time to actually get to know our clients and their business, its culture, values and people.

Prior to starting any campaign for your company, a recruiter should take as much time as possible (at least 30 minutes to 1 hour) speaking with you either on the phone, via Skype, or face to face talking about the role in question, what your ideal candidate would look like experience and skills wise, what your company’s culture is like and what values are important to you. By spending time in this way your recruitment partner can get a real insight into your business and what type of person would be a good fit.

Industry Knowledge v Organisational Culture

Industry knowledge can be important of course, but if you want to be introduced to candidates that will come for the right reasons and stay for the long term then it is arguably more important that a recruiter understands your unique business personality. The way you do things. Your culture.

The process should always be the same regardless of the industry or vacancy type, and requires the recruiter to be really inquisitive about what your business does, who it does it for, and perhaps most importantly WHY you do it? What is the purpose of your business?

When your recruitment partner understands this they can go about telling your “story” to potential employees and that will really help to bring the opportunity to life so that candidates express a real desire to work in a place like that.

A recruiter that really loves business will be able to quickly understand your business and will likely have been able to head hunt suitable candidates for clients across the UK (or wider afield) for businesses of all types and sizes.

Finding Your Next A-Player

So for us, regardless of if we have never worked in a manufacturing environment, or as an engineer or in a technical role, or as a CEO, or Business Development Manager in an industry as niche as the wastewater management industry for example, we will endeavour to make sure that we know as much detail as possible in order to have the ability to go out and find your next ‘A Player’ employee.

Keeping You Updated

Your recruiter should keep you updated on progress, perhaps by pre arranged weekly update calls to discuss how the campaign is progressing and talk through any potential candidates that they have come across. By doing so, they will be making sure that they are on the right track to finding you the right types of candidates, and you will be confident that they are working hard to fill the role.

Over the years we have worked with SME businesses across a wide industry sectors helping them to find people across all roles from Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing and Finance. It’s our passion for business and connecting talent that has helped us stand out from the crowd since 2006.


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