Recruitment Process Outsourcing - RPO

Every successful business knows that their biggest assets are their people and their customers.

Adam Butler Consultancy offers your business a flexible Recruitment Process Outsourcing / RPO solution to ensure you have the very best team in place to provide the very best solution for your clients.

By taking the time to understand your core values and business objectives, we will form a close partnership and work with you, under your own brand, to develop a laser focused candidate attraction strategy, complimented by structured testing for all candidates that come through the process.

Your business will be strengthened with a high quality employers brand presence in the market and supported by a talent strategy to ensure you have a highly engaged and sustainable talent pool to shorten the recruitment timeline when you need to hire, as well as reducing costs associated with recruitment projects, and reducing attrition rates.

RPO is the ideal solution for a high growth or established business with requirement for the best talent at all levels throughout the organisation. Our team will work as an extension of your own HR function providing all the operational support and reporting to keep a close track of all recruitment and hiring activities.

The process starts with an initial free consultation to understand your current position in regards to your employer brand and market reputation, both within your organisation as well as externally.

We will also look closely at your current recruitment numbers in terms of cost per hire, time to hire, and staff retention rates, before making our proposal tailored to your specific needs.