The one person you should definitely fire

If you have a fast growth business and are really serious about achieving huge success to live a life of freedom, both from a financial and time perspective, then it is undeniably true that you need to find and develop a crack team of “A-Players” in your business.

That might mean you have to give someone “the boot”…. but the great news is…. it’s you that has to go!Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 15.34.04

(actually what you need to do is step into a true LEADERSHIP role, working strategically and steering the ship. Get out of everyones way and let them get on with their jobs!)

Delegating jobs to a trusted team of experts is a sure fire way of getting more stuff done, and most likely done better than you could have achieved by trying to juggle all the balls and spin all the plates yourself.

But what are the GOLDEN RULES when it comes to finding those specialists? Here’s 5 things you should definitely be focussing on:

  • Always Hire People Better than YOU!

You are the LEADER, you set the VISION, and it’s your WHY that puts fuel in everyone’s tank to keep them on track and motivated, but there will be people out there that you should hire that are much better than you at specific tasks. Social Media experts, Digital Marketing experts, Financial Control experts, Customer Service experts, Sales Experts. The list goes on, so build a team of these experts to surround you and when you INSPIRE them they will return the favour ten fold.

  • Expect to pay good wages!

The best people expect relevant rewards. Paying 20% more than market rate for the best person in your location or industry is a smart thing to do as they will most likely be more effective and get you a quicker return than just hiring in a body. Your granny was right when she told you “Buy cheap, buy twice”

  • ALWAYS be looking

Great people are everywhere and you should always be on the lookout for them. When you find them hire them. Find a way to make it work for your business, the returns for you will be extraordinary.

  • Be METICULOUS in your search for EVIDENCE

Even if you have a great feeling about someone, and they make you smile and feel all warm and “gooey” inside, you need to do your homework. Ask them for evidence of previous projects, including success and failures, and how they dealt with the fame or failings. Take references. If anything questionable comes back delve deeper in to it. Attention to details will save you a fortune and a lot of pain in the long run.

  • Call in the EXPERTS

You’re busy. We’re all busy. Finding “A-Players” can quickly become a full time job, but there are recruitment resourcing partners out there than can take away a lot of the burden of finding these great people. In fact we are one of them! (actually so are our sister company

The real key to this though is working in PARTNERSHIP as if they are a member of your own team. People you can trust and rely on to get the job done.

Whoever you decide to work with make sure they really “get you” and understand your own values and unique CULTURE, as well as the skills you are seeking.

If you get all this right and build a team of the right people supporting you then who knows, you could be firing yourself in no time at all!

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