What’s Your Inside Leg Measurement?

Strategic Recruitment ReviewWhat’s your inside leg measurement?

OK, so I don’t really need to know the answer to that question, and I accept that you might be wondering what I am going on about, so let me explain.

As we fast approach the 10 year anniversary for our recruitment business, and having just celebrated a record quarter for transacted business and number of placements made, I have reflected on what has made the difference for us, and how we have been able to make a similar positive difference to our clients.

As far as I am concerned it comes down to ONE THING above everything else.


That’s what I mean when I ask you the question “What’s your inside leg measurement?”

You see, you might be thinking your measurement is 30”, 32”, 34” or something longer or shorter, but that’s just because it’s what is available “off the shelf” and it’s the closest thing to your actual measurement, which is probably a quarter inch more, or less, than what you end up buying.

It is this individual difference that we have really managed to understand and fulfill over the last few years for our clients.

(I’m not talking about inside leg measurements anymore by the way!)

Understanding a company’s unique culture, as well as the specific requirements they have in their own recruitment process, is one of the main things that has enabled our success for our clients over the years.

I wrote about it extensively in my book “Hiring A Superstar” which was published last year, and together with my expert team I have been conducting Strategic Recruitment Reviews with many existing and prospective clients to find out what is working well now, and how we can add additional value to the process.

Everyone has a unique point of view, and our solutions are always different, where we pull together any of the wide variety of solutions we can provide, as well as a tailored approach to pricing . . . always designed around you and to suit your needs.

It all comes down to understanding you and your needs, and providing the right solution to get you to the very best talent for your business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To find out more about the many different service options we can deliver for you, or to book your own Strategic Recruitment Review with myself or one of my team, please email rachel@adambutlerltd.co.uk or call on 01244 752 459.