Why Use a Recruitment Agency to Find Your Next Job?

If you’ve stumbled upon our blog then the chances are you’re either looking for a new role or you’re looking for someone to fill a position which you have available.

We help with both these aspects of recruitment, but today we’re focusing on the benefits of using a recruitment agency rather than searching for a job solo.

More and more candidates are using specialist agencies such as Adam Butler Consultancy to find a role in an area that the agency knows inside out. We specialise in roles within the financial services industry, covering banking, FinTech and a focus on Motor and Asset Finance.

Why Would Using an Agency Be Useful to You as a Candidate?

Suitability – When you get in touch with us, we will have a detailed conversation around the kind of role you’re looking for, what salary or benefits you’re expecting, your previous job history – we really get to know you. Taking the time to speak with our candidates means that when we are searching for roles for you, we’re going to be selective and put you forward for roles which we know you have the most chance of success in. It can become all too easy when using job boards to press the apply now button and whizz over your CV, but we prefer a quality over quantity approach.

Promotion – Each candidate who works with us benefits from our expertise of promoting you to relevant companies, we know what they’re looking for and we know how to present you in the most effective way possible. We’ll create a detailed yet anonymous profile for you which will be sent to prospective employers, highlighting all the reasons why you would be a suitable fit for their company.

Time – Whilst it can be easy to apply on mass when using a job board, it still requires time and effort for what can be very little return. When you’re working full time the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is spend your R&R time searching the web for your dream role. We think differently about recruitment so with our approach all you’ll have to do is turn up for the interview!

Cost – Candidates benefit from free of charge use of agencies, we are here to help you at no cost to yourself. Better still, we do offer a referral scheme so if you are aware of anyone looking for a new role then be sure to put them in touch with us and tell them to mention your name.

Knowledge – We have a unique approach to our recruitment, with our background in the financial services industry, we understand both what you as a candidate are looking for and also what the hiring companies want in their teams. Combine this with our recruitment experience and you’ve got a winning formula.

Network – We have clients who are looking for candidates just like you and we’re in regular contact with them. We also discuss with you any companies you aspire to work with so that our search for you is as specific as possible to your preferences and needs.


If you’ve never worked with an agency before or would be interested in finding out more about joining us as a candidate then please don’t hesitate to get in touch here. You can also join our Hot Jobs mailing list, where we’ll send a summary of our latest roles direct to your inbox, just click here for Motor Finance roles or here for Asset Finance roles. Last but not least, take a look at the kind of roles we currently have available here.